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Our training courses are dedicated to the subjects of documentary letters of credit and international guarantees. They are intended for all corporate employees, providing practical and intensive training, in order that they may learn the skills required for all of their company’s day-to-day operations.

Finelia offers customised training courses taught by our course leaders at your company.

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Documentary Credit from A to Z


At the end of this training course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the general principles guiding the way Documentary Credit works,
  • Manage the full cycle of a documentary letter of credit: from its preparation to payment,
  • Suggest appropriate plans of action necessary to reduce:
    • Delays in payment,
    • Financing costs,
    • Risks.
  • Manage the financial impact of documentary credit for the company
  • Understand the constraints of both exporter and importer


Subjects addressed:

  • Introduction: Definition, Background, Issues
  • Setting up: Bank application, Opening, Notification
  • Receipt of documentary credit: Terms and conditions
  • Study of terms: Exam
  • Pre-issue / Post-issue Procedure
  • Types of letter of credit : transferable / back to back / red clause
  • Methods: concept of financing (forfaiting, …)
  • Issue and Verification of documents
  • Risk notion: Confirmation, Del credere, Bank reservations
  • RUU 600: New regulations
  • Financing costs: calculation methods
  • Knowledge Test: Case study, Multiple choice (with corrections)

clusion: Opening of a Standby Letter of Credit

Numerous practical cases and examples will be used as illustrations throughout the course…

Intended course participants

Corporate managers or employees whose duties involve international administration, finance and trade.

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