Welcome to credit-documentaire.com

A specialist in the optimisation and management of import and export letters of credit, Finelia has created this site for you. Its purpose is to provide information on the practices and techniques relating to letters of credit and on the latest developments in terms of technologies applied to these operations.
On this site, you will find all the information you need to improve your management of letters of credit. We also offer a training programme dedicated to letters of credit that allows participants to benefit from effective and fast training, in order to be operational in a company’s daily operations.

Digitalisation in Trade Finance (excerpt from Hubert Martini’s book)

Words of an expert and designer of trade digitalisation solutions for both banks and companies. Trade Finance has long been insensitive to technological progress, remaining instead – both due to[…]

Trade finance, a new area of optimisation for treasurers

According to Emmanuel Léchère, Market Intelligence Manager at Redbridge, fees for notifications and the use/removal of documents and amendments, which are often proportional to the amount of a documentary credit,[…]

Documentary credits in the digitalisation era

The automation of documentary credit processing is now possible for both exporters and importers. The result is improved visibility and cost control for this means of payment which, for over[…]

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